El Tornado – Explained | FIFA 18


El Tornado, in English ‘The Tornado’, describes an advanced football manoeuvre. Pronounced “El Tor-Nar-Do”, it’s recent rise in popularity is due to EA’s Fifa 18. El Tornado is something you may start hearing a lot about over the coming weeks and months. Pronounced El Tor-Nar-Do, it’s mention will leave most of the world baffled, yet […]

Newbie Series – Diablo III

Diablo 3, Reaper, Wizard, Fire Mage, Gaming Fuel, Gaming, Fun, Winning

Diablo III is the first edition to be launched on the Playstation format, it came to PS4 in all it’s glory and here is what our resident girl gamer had to say..   Having never played a dungeon crawler before I wasn’t sure what to expect and went into it with my mind open to […]

Magic: Farewell Renown Beauties

Gaming Fuel, Verleran Wardens, Magic Origins, Magic the Gathering

When I first discovered magic I purchased a ready made renown deck of Magic Origins Green/White. I welcomed Outland Colossus into my multiverse and was itching to make the most of it’s big hitting power. I wish I could tell you that it all turned out really well! In actual fact my eagerness to play […]

Magic: The Gathering – Keen Noob

I love a challenge, challenge me to anything and I’d be real tempted to give it my best shot. I enjoy learning new skills, pushing my limits and feeling that inner glow and satisfaction from achieving something I didn’t know I could. This week it’s Magic: The Gathering. And what is that I hear you […]