El Tornado – Explained | FIFA 18


El Tornado, in English ‘The Tornado’, describes an advanced football manoeuvre. Pronounced “El Tor-Nar-Do”, it’s recent rise in popularity is due to EA’s Fifa 18. El Tornado is something you may start hearing a lot about over the coming weeks and months. Pronounced El Tor-Nar-Do, it’s mention will leave most of the world baffled, yet […]

Diablo 3: Playing Hardcore Seasonal

Gaming Fuel Playing Hardcore Seasonal Characters in Diablo 3

Diablo 3 released by Blizzard in May 2012 to the PC and finally then released to Playstation 4 in August 2014. It has taken another 3 years to bring me to playing hardcore. Hardcore Diablo is different to regular play in that you only get one shot to push the character as far as your […]

The Return of the Necromancer – Diablo 3

Gaming Fuel Plays Necromancer on Diablo 3

The recent Blizzard expansion pack Rise of the Necromancer introduced the character to it’s console platform, a rebirth from Diablo 2. It landed with just enough time to get to grips with it before Season 11 started.   The Necromancer is a character type known for its power over dark magic. Conjuring and casting from […]

Newbie Series – PES My Club 2017

Gaming Fuel, Newbie Series, PS4, PES,

I’ve played with a friend of mine for a while now, he introduced me to PES, a contrast in football game play after being raised on Fifa – my older brother should be thanked for that one. My football journey started in 1998 with the Fifa 98 on the SNES. What a delight! Mash buttons […]

Newbie Series – Diablo III

Diablo 3, Reaper, Wizard, Fire Mage, Gaming Fuel, Gaming, Fun, Winning

Diablo III is the first edition to be launched on the Playstation format, it came to PS4 in all it’s glory and here is what our resident girl gamer had to say..   Having never played a dungeon crawler before I wasn’t sure what to expect and went into it with my mind open to […]

Newbie Series – The Last Guardian

Gaming Fuel, The Last Guardian, Trico, Newbie Series

Welcome to the newbie series of game reviews. No big reveals here (well maybe as time goes on and I get better!) but just good game play feedback. The Gaming Fuel team encourages gaming at all levels so I’m the newbie who gets to play things first! Look out for the vlogs and streams from […]

Aether Ready! Kaladesh Magic

Gaming Fuel, Kaladesh, Magic the Gathering

Time for my two pennies about the planeswalker Kaladesh Decks! Now I am fairly new to Magic: The Gathering and I can already say that I am slightly addicted and I play it at present with an almost daily frequency. I just that I get lost in the role of a planeswalker and now that […]

Magic: Farewell Renown Beauties

Gaming Fuel, Verleran Wardens, Magic Origins, Magic the Gathering

When I first discovered magic I purchased a ready made renown deck of Magic Origins Green/White. I welcomed Outland Colossus into my multiverse and was itching to make the most of it’s big hitting power. I wish I could tell you that it all turned out really well! In actual fact my eagerness to play […]

Should We be Avoiding Sugar??

Gaming Fuel, Sugary Drinks, Junk Food, Healthy

The sugar tax and avoid sugar message has really been gaining some lime light recently and we felt like we had to shed some more light on that message! Last year a document was published about it and we’ve broken it down so we all know what we’ll be facing when it comes into force and […]

Gaming and Preventing Injury

Gaming Fuel, Posture, Injury Prevention

As much as you need to move, you need to relax. That’s where gamers find the perfect balance of work and play. One thing we are seeing more in gamers, particularly with the rise of Esports, is muscular injuries related to repetitive strain. It is common for gamers to develop aches and pains in their: […]