Improve Performance: Special Effect GameBlast16

Improve Performance: Special Effect GameBlast16

Tips for 24 Hour Gaming


As a company that takes re-fueling and maintaining energy levels very seriously we have put together a few tips to see you through your 24 hours of fund raising. For this great cause you wouldn’t want to burn out or peak too early!

To help you get through the event we have donated some of our boxes to see you through – Special Effects will be releasing the details of this soon!


Our Top Tips!

  • Keep Hydrated – plenty of water will keep your concentration high – avoid sugary drinks or caffeine filled ones: if you rely on these too early you will crash quickly and may be left with a jittery feeling.
  • Upgrade snacking choices to regular small meals or sustainable snacks – sweets and chocolate may give a great boost but that sugar crash comes quickly. Having fresh food, as well as sustainable snack options from Gaming Fuel will keep your energy stable throughout the 24 hours.


Pre-event: Drink plenty, spent time outside, do a few stretches and maybe have a day off gaming the day before and make sure you get a good night’s sleep!

After 3-6 hours: Have a stretch, press pause, make sure you’ve had a toilet break – if you haven’t go grab a glass of water! Switch back on and keep your posture tall and energetic – don’t sit too close to your screen 🙂

After 8-12 hours: Small snacks to keep you going up until now are great, you may need something more, keep it fresh and light to avoid that sluggish feeling from too many carbs!

After 14-16 hours: This may be the moment where you need to reach for the caffeine – coffee or energy gels that contain caffeine are good for this wall – you are bound to hit this eventually. Keep sugar levels low and reach for our energy gels or a simple cuppa without sugar for that pick-me-up.

20 hours +: The finish line is in sight! Press Pause, take 2minutes to use the loo, stretch up to the ceiling, grab a drink and have a bit of a yell if you need to! Do 10 jumping jacks to re-stimulate your body and visualise yourself hitting the 24 hours feeling fresh! Keep your posture upright and ready to keep blasting!


24 hours!  YOU’VE DONE IT!  Congratulate yourself with a nice long drink, a tasty snack and a big slleeeeeeep!


Recovery is as important as the event itself so you can get back to peak performance as quickly as possible.

Good Luck with your 24 hour challenge for Special Effect – let us know how you’re getting on and tweet us @gamingfuel.


Have a great day Fuelers and make good snacking choices! 🙂

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