How To: Set Up the Pixel 2 Data Transfer

How To: Set Up the Pixel 2 Data Transfer

A How To Guide for Pixel 2 Data Transfer Setup

This week Google have released the Pixel 2, it’s latest contribution to the smartphone arena. A simple unboastful appearance is packed with processing and visual power. Not only does the camera feature a stunning portrait mode for fabulous selfie’s, you can capture an event, gaming comp or session with friends with full 360 photograph capability. 

The setup couldn’t be more simple.

Unboxing and Setup

A smooth unboxing reveals: 

  • 1 sleek shiny handset
  • 1 USB C to audio conversion cable
  • 1 USB C charging cable
  • 1 USB to USB C converter
  • 1 SIM extracting tool
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It arrives with over 50% charge which means setup can start immediately and to be honest, plugging it in for a charge can be delayed by 4-6 hours for this handset!

After the power up, several options are presented:

  • Treat the handset as a new device
  • Sign to transfer from an online backup
  • Wired Transfer

Whichever device you are leaving, the process is straightforward, as follows:

Wired Data Transfer Set Up

  1. Find your USB to USB C cable
  2. Attach this adapter to your current charger on the USB end of the phone charging cable
  3. Plug into your old phone as normal
  4. Plug the other end into the Pixel 2 via USB C
  5. Select the data you’d like to transfer – photos, contacts, apps*
  6. Wait a few minutes for the process to happen!

This process is very quick and simple. As with all Google products and services, user experience and simplicity are key to the success of the brand. Setting up the Pixel 2 is no different. 

*If you are already utilising the many aspects of your Google Account and have your photos synced then downloading them may take up quite a bit of memory. However once transferred the Pixel 2 instantly recognises what has already been backed up and within a few button presses, you can delete them knowing they are all safely in the cloud. For me, this resulted in a 9GB storage gain!

You can then select whether to continue with mobile data or connect to wifi and all your apps and updates will begin to download.


From this point you are able to enjoy the excellent display and organise all your downloading apps!

Happy Pixel 2 Set Up!


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