The Return of the Necromancer – Diablo 3

The Return of the Necromancer – Diablo 3

The recent Blizzard expansion pack Rise of the Necromancer introduced the character to it’s console platform, a rebirth from Diablo 2. It landed with just enough time to get to grips with it before Season 11 started.


The Necromancer is a character type known for its power over dark magic. Conjuring and casting from the bones, blood and darkness of it’s enemies. Cold, calculated dwellers of Nephalem seek to maintain the dark circle of life and control the battlefield.


Similar to their Diablo II brethren they rely on bones and blood in in combat, using curses, golems and undead minions. This makes it a very fun pet build and with 10 archery mages out on your side the battlefield visibility can be complete chaos.


Having taken several Necromancers to Level 70 both in and out of season, this is an excellence character for those who enjoy battlefield control and rapid devastation. This season the bonus set is Bones of Rathma, which gives the character the ultimate pet army build. This loads serious damage and in Hardcore mode equips the Necro with a valuable shield to damage.


Corpse consumption is a powerful tool and with rapid progression play I feel sorry to leave corpses behind. My personal favourite skill of corpse lance can be synergised with the Pestilence set for maximum damage and fun. Potentially not a set that it going to have you pushing the upper levels of Greater Rifts as it still leaves you a little vulnerable to getting squished but certainly great for creating battlefield mayhem and a graphical feast.

Gaming Fuel plays Necromancer in Diablo 3

Overall this character offers a lot and has a lot of damage to deal at any level, in terms of value for ranking the Necromancer can handle rapid progression and has multiple skills boosted by 4 great armour sets to accommodate any playing style. Even on the squishy end of the playing spectrum Necro can hold it’s own and take some serious hits, non-physical damage however is still something to be wary of!


So, it’s clear I love playing the Necromancer and after taking a moment to grieve over my favourite hardcore Necro Fantasia, I will be letting you guys know my take on Hardcore Seasonal play soon!

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