This multi-vitamin fruit drink has a pleasant smell when opened and creates a definately audible fizz noise without the surge associated with other fizzy drinks.
The taste isn’t over powering on the tongue and the first hit is definitely one of a sweet hit on the tongue from the botanical ingredients contained within.

A slightly pharmaceutical tinge on the taste buds lingers, and one wonders whether this is from the added vitamins which are contained within the dark glass bottle. It is after all a multivitamin drink and I get the feeling they have been added post processing for maximum freshness.

Speaking of maximum freshness, the Purdey’s Edge Multivitamin drink comes in a dark bottle with dark wrapping. This helps to protect the delicate vitamins from light damage and is a fantastic feature.
There was a definite reduction in tiredness and fatigue that was experienced, however with 6% sugar content there was still a slight sugar buzz that was felt. This is by no way a massive amount of sugar and it is clear that it is all natural from the fruit that is contained within.
A light effervescence on the tongue is felt, but it is not ‘fizzy’ by anyone’s standards. Less gas building in the stomach means less burping. It is not overly sweet, but enough to satisfy a craving for a sweet drink.

Overall, a very good and satisfyingly refreshing healthy drink.

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