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How to: Use your PS Vita remote play option with a DualShock 4 controller

How to: Play Your PS Vita, Remote Play With a DualShock 4 Controller.


Follow this step-by-step guide to playing your PS Vita remote play using a DualShock 4 controller and within 2 minutes you could be reclined on the sofa picking up where you left off like an absolute boss!


Xune boss fight meme

All you need is two minutes and 4 vital ingredients…


I have an errand quest for you !

Bring before me the magical portable gaming window, the controller of destiny, the grand holder of strength and I dropped a little scrap of paper in the forest surrounded by high level orcs! Fetch that as well and I’ll grant you the experience to PS Vita remote play.



Nah, this isn’t one of those blogs. But there are indeed four mandatory items required for PS Vita Dualshock 4 remote playing excellence


PS Vita: You’ll need yourself a PS Vita.

DualShock 4: On it’s own the PS Vita can remote play with a Playstation 4, however the location of the L2/R2 and L3/R3 buttons make it somewhat tricky to play all but the most simple games.

Game Control Mount: This device was developed by Sony to attach a smartphone to a controller for a remote play experience. However, we’re going to make it fit to the PS Vita.

I would caution against the admittedly cool looking PS Vita holders with attempt to change the PS Vita into the more familiar Dualshock 4 shape. Now, while more useful than not having it, it doesn’t compare to being able to use a Dualshock 4 controller. If you’re getting wrecked in online play due to bad PS Vita controls then you only have yourself to blame unless you follow this guide.

Scrap bit of card/paper: This bit is important. I’ll tell you why, later!


First, create a new account on your PS4 if you don’t have another one already. This can be a basic account that you only use when you are remote playing if you have no need of a new account for any other reason.

Second, prepare the PS Vita. Make sure you backup all your data that needs backing up and then factory restore it. The PS Vita can only hold one account at a time and for this to work it needs to be your other account that you have just created on the PS4. Games available on the PS4 are streets ahead of the PS Vita games and using this trick is going to mean that any of your PS4 games become viable remote play options. Overall, PS4 games = more fun.


Dawson from Dawson's Creek crying

Wipe your tears, you’ll have more fun playing Fifa remote play.
Sign into your PS Vita using your other account and pair it with your PS4 to form the link between the two and test that it connects ok.

Connect the PS Vita to your DualShock 4 controller via the phone mount. It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes to figure this out. The sucker on the back is just big enough to firmly attach the PS Vita using the flat touchpad on the back. Give it a wobble a few times to make sure it’s secure.


PS Vita connected to a DualShock 4 controller


Making the magic happen:

Right, so now you are setup, how do you make this work?

1. Be signed into your primary account on the Playstation 4.

2. Make sure the DualShock 4 controller you will be using is also signed into the Playstation 4.

3. Make sure you are logged into the secondary account on the PS Vita.

4. Initiate remote play.

5. It should connect displaying the screen of your Playstation 4. The PS Vita is acting as a secondary screen to what you would normally see on the tv.

6. Give the sticks on the Dualshock 4 controller that is linked to the primary account a wobble. As this controller is linked to the PS4 and signed into your primary account you should be able to control the screen on the PS Vita.

7. Before you start gaming there is one more thing you need to do. Remember the bit of card? Slide it under the PS Vita left directional stick so that it tilts it to the side.


PS Vita dualshock 4 remote play

This vital step saves you the annoyance of having to touch the screen every couple of minutes to stop the screen from turning off after 5 minutes of play. Meaning you can game uninterrupted.

Enjoy playing your PS4 titles anywhere. Sofa, kitchen, toilet…



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