Gaming Fuel™ Fast Charge Qi Wireless Desktop Charging pad

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  • Qi – Pronounced ‘Chee’ (Like in Cheese) is Chinese for ‘Energy Flow’ it permeates everything and everyone. This charging pad harnesses that power and uses it to charge your Qi-enabled device merely by being in close proximity to it. LED lights indicate when charging is underway, and a rubber ring provides a non-slip surface. The perfect purchase for any wireless-enabled device.
  • Universal Compatibility: Two modes of wireless charging: (1) Fast Charge Mode (Output 10W Max), (2) Standard Charge Mode (Output 5W Max) for your standard QI enabled device. Proprietary standard Qi: To support wireless charging on all Qi-enabled devices (where Fast Charge feature is not compatible, standard wireless charger speeds automatically apply)
  • This portable and light-weight Qi standard wireless charger pad is perfect for various kinds of smartphones which are Qi-enabled. Very safe and simple to operate. Just put the Qi compatible device which needs charging on the charging area. Wireless Charging will start almost immediately. A great and ultimately convenient solution for your digital life. Some smartphones need an extra receiver module, please follow smartphone manufacturer guidelines where appropriate.
  • It is normal during use for the wireless charging pad and phone to get slightly warm during inductive charging. This effect may be intensified if you also use your phone during Wireless Charging, for example using Social Media, playing games and/or music etc…
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: QC 2.0 Adaptive Fast Charger (the plug that says it’s a fast charger) is required for the fast charge wireless charger feature, please use the original QC 2.0 adapter as its power source. LED: The led lights indicate the charging speed. Blue for standard and Green for fast.


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Qi – Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad
Experience the joy and ultimate convenience of wireless charging with this official Gaming Fuel Fast Charge ‘Energy Flow’ Wireless Charging Pad, it allows you to charge your Qi Wireless device up to 1.4x faster than standard wireless charging pads, reducing total charging time from 0-100% by up to 40%.

Understanding Qi
Qi is pronounced ‘Chee’ like in ‘Cheese’ and is a Chinese word which literally means ‘Natural Energy Flow’. Qi is in everything and everyone and the official Fast Wireless Charging device by Gaming Fuel safely coalesces this energy to the point where the ‘Natural Energy Flow’ (Qi) streams into the battery of your device, providing it with a quick and efficient charge.

Universally Compatibility Qi Fast Charge Wireless Charger
Two Wireless Charging Modes:
1. Fast Charge Mode – (10W Max Output) for supported (newer) devices.
2. Standard Charge Mode – (5W Max Output) for your standard QI enabled device.

This device will charge any wireless receiver that uses Qi standard and will automatically charge at maximum capacity available.

1 x USB Power Cable (not including the AC adapter)
1 x User Manual

Specification: Gaming Fuel™ Fast Charge Qi Wireless Desktop Charging pad

Weight141 g



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