Welcome Gamers one and all as we discuss the finer details of why Gaming Fuel exists and look to dispel some of the myths around the connection of food and having the energy to do what we all love to do (in this case, gaming until our eyes bleed!) *Disclaimer: Please do not attempt to game until ones eyes bleed!

We all like to snack, in fact you would go as far as to say that it is an essential part of life. It fills that annoying gap between meals, and a great drink and bar of something sweet goes great with a lunchtime sandwich at work or school. But what if we told you that your snacking habits were ruining your productivity at work and school and for those that care about such things were affecting your high scores as well as your health!?

Gaming Blood Sugar Level
GI: Gycemic Index is no joke. Some food is wrecking your performance.

I think we can all agree that Gamers have quite a bad rap when it comes to food and snacking – junk food, takeaways, energy drinks and sugary snacks. Although there is no doubt that these give high levels of sugar and energy they also come with loads of calories, refined sugar and unnecessary processing. They may appear to do the job and keep us focused and intensely focused on gaming for short periods, but then comes the wicked nauseating crash which drives you to distraction and means you’re reaching for another bad snacking choice on autopilot before your brain can engage in the true damage caused by these unhealthy choices.

“There must be another way!” I hear you cry to the resounding clatter of a new generation of health conscious gamers clearing their empty cans of luminous green liquid away from their desk.

Gaming Fuel Cartoon Strip
No expense spared on the graphical designs… This gamer is happily going along, trying to maintain his KDR.

Well, actually yeah!

There are plenty of ways to get the energy you need to sustain and enhance your performance without going into the dirty depths of highly processed foods that are manufactured with little regard for a simple balanced nutrition or a performance driven lifestyle.

We need to be choosing ‘clean’ energy sources that not only raise our reaction times and focus but also serve to limit the blood sugar crash that leaves you feeling tired after eating. You could argue that having a triple stacked jam sandwich is the same as reaching for a chocolate bar in terms of sugar intake – it’s a complicated road to navigate! That’s why snacking on the right products can really start to optimise your readiness to achieve your goals and gaming targets.

The truth behind energy drinks
Lower blood sugar levels damage your KDR!

So, you enjoy the fast paced nature of your games and enjoy the feeling of being on top of your game, previously you were a slave to sugary filled carbonated drinks but the constant stomach rawness, insomnia and energy crashes have caused you to look for an alternative – good on you!

Here’s a checklist of the type of food which you should be on the lookout for.

Gaming Fuel Time
Here’s an idea, challenge yourself to 30 days of healthy eating and then measure your gaming performance.

Need your energy to last you longer?

Healthy Gamer
Om nom nom!

So what’s the deal with all this food? How do I secure myself some?

Most of the items on Gaming Fuel are sold by the case. Which makes them perfect for:

Ultimate gaming zone - flow
Having a stable blood sugar level WILL make you play better. FACT!

By using Gaming Fuel’s expert advice and refuelling in a more organised (and delicious!) way you will reap the gaming rewards and achieve your goals sooner without the junk food side effects. Whether it’s pushing progression/end game content, dominating eSports or simply making that decision to change your eating habits to support a weight loss goal.

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