Here is a little summary of our first ever Gaming Fuel Event – we launched our Fuel Cells in December 2015 at the NEC, Birmingham at Insomnia56, a Multiplay gaming event.


The Set Up

We arrived at the NEC the night before it opened, all the BYOC gamers were arriving, setting up their tents to settle in for the weekend. We loved the hive of activity and were buzzing to get started after bringing in all our stock and setting up our tables, with a great backdrop of graphics, a great visual impact of our branding to get started! We even managed to find some carpet for our section – only to find it disappeared shortly afterwards! But even that couldn’t stop what turned out to be a great weekend for Gaming Fuel.

IMG_20151212_185804 DSC_0416 DSC_0422 DSC_0438


Day One

Getting there early to put together our display we started to meet interesting characters straight away – with our space being directly opposite the Cosplay area we knew we would be in for some fun! We managed to meet Jolteon the Pokemon, Big 6 and Ezio from Assassins Creed – props to those individuals who bring the characters to life, they did a great job.

Luckily we were really busy, people had lots of questions and were quite surprised to see such a healthy product at a gaming event. We enjoyed seeing the reaction to Gaming Fuel and got some good feedback on what we had included.

Gaming Fuel made a big impact at Insomnia56 and got people talking about healthier gaming as well as healthier snacking. We made some friends at HenchTech and Overclockers and can’t wait to see what the future holds with these great companies in the gaming sphere.

20151213_180746 20151211_135337 DSC_0432 DSC_0426 DSC_0425  20151213_180636

Day Two

The second day was even busier, being a Saturday we should have known! There are a lot of people who take gaming (and snacking!) very seriously. We had to bring out some sample snacks and this meant that hands were coming in from all directions! People of all ages were intrigued to see what our Fuel Cell could do for their gaming performance and we had our first subscriber sign up to keep their snacks covered after the event.

It was also brilliant to have some friends come and help us out, the vibe was great and it wasn’t hard to bring our enthusiasm about healthy snacking to everyone we spoke to. Misha was invited to go up against representatives from an energy drinks company for a live stream on caffeinated drinks versus Gaming Fuel snacks. Of course, Gaming Fuel won! Look out for it online, Gamechanger spreading the Gaming Fuel message worldwide! We also hooked up with Prism Gaming UK an excellent gaming charity youtube channel and Anna unveiled our box to them live on camera. Although a little camera shy at first, she soon came out of her shell!

DSC_0435 DSC_0434 DSC_0430 DSC_0420 DSC_0418 20151212_163441 20151212_163553_001 20151212_163601

Last Day

The momentum of the first two days continued and although being quiter we still got to speak to lots of individuals and teams about healthy snacking, our mission to raise awareness was complete and is really just the beginning for the topics we hope to highlight while providing optimal snacking choices to the masses.

It has to be said we relaxed a little more, we even had a ‘Massage-Off’ with our Insomnia neighbours Mobile Massage, Anna with her health, wellbeing and sports experience joked about the massaging and Misha couldn’t resist showing off his skills – check our gallery to see evidence! It turns out that they both got caught by surprise and ended up with Alice being on the receiving end of some very revitalising massages. What a great end to our launch weekend! Welcome to Gaming Fuel everyone – hope to see you at health and gaming events soon.

DSC_0452 20151213_180224 20151213_180554 DSC_0437 DSC_0436 DSC_0453 Top picture

Let us know if there is an event near you that you’d like us to attend alternatively we’ll let you know on all our pages when we have our next event planned, Insomnia56 is definitely the first on many! If you saw us and bought a box, let us know what you think on twitter @gamingfuel or on Facebook.
Have a great day Fuelers and make good snacking choices! 🙂

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