Newbie Series – Diablo III

Editor choice Newbie Series – Diablo III

Diablo III is the first edition to be launched on the Playstation format, it came to PS4 in all it’s glory and here is what our resident girl gamer had to say..


Having never played a dungeon crawler before I wasn’t sure what to expect and went into it with my mind open to discover what I was really getting into. Start up was fun, I enjoy getting into the story of a game and Diablo III really does well in this area, the graphics are great and detailed and the opening video really builds the sense of peril from the start.


Getting Started


Choosing a character in Diablo 3 is fun and there are some really great options. With the 5 different character types you really can have a different experience playing the game over time and not get bored. All the characters use different energy sources that have mechanics that either build or drain mana or power and there is a wide variety of skills for each to play around with and master. The options of:

  • Barbarian – massive damage and takes a lot of hits.
  • Crusader – strength and holy elements : both these characters are angry and full of rage but the crusader has the added benefit of being able to call on holy powers to get him (or her) unstuck from a melee.
  • Witch Doctor – great for summoning a team of pets to do the dirty work and good for long distance damage unlike the previous 2 who like to be in the thick of it.
  • Monk – I’ve read that Monks are barbarians with brain, they still thrive in the middle of the fight and cause some serious damage, but they can’t take as much damage or be equipped with heavy armour, weaker as a result but they make up for this with increased speed and agility.
  • Last but not least, the Wizard – they are versatile, can summon damage from practically anything including the weather! They can also stay out of the fights and do their damage from range, the downsides can be getting the arcane power right, all the spell casting drains this quickly and there is no way to really change this, only by unlocking runes as you go through and getting better kit and gems to reduce spell costs. Once you have this balance right you are a serious badass ready to take on the diablo demons.


For my first Diablo experience I chose a Wizard  as I was playing 2 player with a barbarian so I was shielded through lower levels till I unlocked some more killer skills like meteor torrents and tornados. I got a lot of enjoyment from playing around with all the different skills as they were unlocked and balancing the defence and offence to ensure my survival when up against a boss.


Going through the Diablo story was great, it really built up to the ultimate defeat of Maltheal over 3 phases of battle with a level 70 character. A build up of all your effort and skill dynamics to complete the story but really you can never get bored of the skills because they can be mixed up and built upon depending on the kit you get and the skill mix you like. You can be more defensive or maximise all out damage.


Even when it seems like it’s the end – there is no end. After the story you can continue to complete bounty’s to unlock extra skills and increase your swag or you can head into the Nephalem rift for massacres and looting. My gold coin reaping now goes into the 10s of millions.

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Diablo is a great game, I have to say I’m struggling to find any down sides! It’s a bit of a time investment to make the most of everything it has to offer and if you get bored of one character then you can start again from scratch with another, once you have reached level 70 with a character and begin to gain paragon points these are then transferable to any other character you start over with. Which means you don’t have to start from scratch but can add some protection and killer instinct to new characters from the start. Which character will you be playing next?


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