Newbie Series – PES My Club 2017

Newbie Series – PES My Club 2017

I’ve played with a friend of mine for a while now, he introduced me to PES, a contrast in football game play after being raised on Fifa – my older brother should be thanked for that one. My football journey started in 1998 with the Fifa 98 on the SNES. What a delight! Mash buttons really hard and go in a certain direction, my gaming interest was well and truly started.


Having left the SNES and not re-discovered gaming until buying an xbox many years later (in my 20s!). I loved it! Created myself as a player, became top goal scorer (of course!) and got Bristol City to the top of the premier league. I was loving life! Isn’t that what we all do? Sign up, create ourselves, become the world’s greatest player!


Well actually this is where PES has shown me a new side to football gaming. With the help of a knowing fellow gamer I was shown the opportunities of myclub points, special scout spins and go scouting for new players. Before I just had the team and played the games, working on the best outcome I could in the moment. Through PES I actually realised the game considered form and performance, it allowed subs and tactical changes, you can determine player’s behaviour in possession and out of possession. I’ve got to admit this took the game to a whole new level, from just getting enjoyment out of being a good footballer on the screen I was able start to manage the squad and optimise the team to get more consistent results. The upside it was really easy, even if you’re a complete football novice outside the gaming world you can trial and error the tactical changes without too many hitches and worst case scenario it only affects one match.


Another thing that I’ve enjoyed about PES is there are several ways to keep challenging yourself, so the longevity of the game is good. With so many options you’re not going to get bored that quickly. Changing the difficulty level keeps your reflexes sharp and makes you a better player, you can’t get away with scrappy tackles and inaccurate passes. The step up from one level to another can be frustrating at first as you can more mistakes. Making more mistakes isn’t bad when it forces you to become a better player!


Overall I rate PES very highly as a casual girl gamer it’s a great game to pick up and put down while still making regular progress and not actually falling behind the general game play with online play. You can keep up with the best of them and still create yourself and become top goal scorer! 😉

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