Newbie Series – The Last Guardian

Newbie Series – The Last Guardian

Welcome to the newbie series of game reviews. No big reveals here (well maybe as time goes on and I get better!) but just good game play feedback. The Gaming Fuel team encourages gaming at all levels so I’m the newbie who gets to play things first! Look out for the vlogs and streams from our more experienced gamers coming soon!

A day after release I brought The Last Guardian, I’ve never actually bought a brand new game around its release date and felt excited at the prospect of getting into it right at the beginning.Newbie Series, The Last Guardian, Playstation4, Gaming Fuel

I’d describe myself as a very casual gamer but found this game as a demo in a game store last year – it intrigued me, little did I know at the time I’d have to wait another 6 months for it’s release. But this is nothing compared to the 10 years Ico fans have had to wait.

As an action adventure game with very few prompts or navigation support I decided within the first chapter to utilise a walk through. Thank you to the people that complete the game in sub 5 hours and write it all down to enable others to maximise their playing minutes. I honestly think that without it I would have given up quite early on in the game as there are no real indicators giving you any clue about what your next step is. I guess those without the walk through spend a lot of wasted time exploring every inch of the digital universe or end up repeatedly dying until they get the right outcome.

I realised by the time I was playing for about 5 hours I was probably about 80% through the gameplay. It was steady going with the walkthrough, I got stuck mastering some skills as they relied on Trico who at best I would describe as a sullen teenager. The constant coaxing and commanding Trico to support the mission was fairly draining and I soon got to the point of losing my patience with his lack of co-operation. Apart from the occasional enemy it really is just the Trico and the boy  and I wouldn’t even say they were companions. They just happen to need each other to get out of the ruins.

As a complete novice to action and adventure games I actually found the left thumb stick for running direction really hard to control – was this the game or me? Was it over sensitive or aiming towards a higher performance gamer? The boy was running in zig zags as much as he was running in straight lines and I felt like I was doing the same motions each time.

Generally is was good to follow a path that someone else had already worked out, I think this limited my frustration and impatience with the flow of the game. I’d recommend it to an experienced gamer or with the use of a walk through. I’m also not sure I’d put it in the adventure/action category, it didn’t thrill me to play but it certainly did get my brain working to coordinate all the moves, achieve each step (without the walkthrough I’ve no idea how you would know where to start) and keep Trico with the boy and get him to actually help out! I did have great fun seeing all things things play out. When Trico was on my side the progress felt consistent and fast moving – I never would have achieved this alone!). The graphics were good and the general eerie setting and feeling of the game was effective.


If you are at a loose end and fancy playing with a winged mammal that helps and hinders in equal measure – this is the game for you!

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