New Look Website!

New Look Website!

Hi Everyone!


Welcome to our first blog on our new website! We’re happy that you’ve found us here and hope that you are enjoying the site and our products. Our blog is a space where we will be sharing our health and wellness ideas as well as keeping you up to date with our news and the events we’re going to – so that you know where to find us!

We’d like our blog to be a space to promote discussion, and we always appreciate hearing your questions and experiences, readers and writers alike have a lot to contribute to our community of healthy eaters and thinkers.


A little more about us..

We are a company formed from a long history of gaming experience partnered with over 10 years of health and wellbeing experience. Combining the two fields has led to the realisation that we are too often selling ourselves short with poor snacking choices, bad eating habits and expanding waistlines. After some research into what’s on offer in the snacking realm, the Gaming Fuel Cell was created. Here we are introducing the cell today. If you can’t wait to get your hands on one head to our Shop and check out our price plans!


Our Fuel Cells

We started by designing core elements for snackers who game (or gamers who snack!), these included a combination of tasty yet healthy bars and caffeine fuelled hits that get you buzzing and ramp up your Gaming without the crash or the artificial aftertastes of traditional energy snacks and drinks.


Of course we wouldn’t advocate what we haven’t tried! So being our own guinea pigs we found a lot of great alternative snacks and suddenly hit on the realisation that these great quality snacks benefit everyone! Everyone can happily say goodbye to hunger pangs and junk food. We’ve put together a balanced combination of snack bars and healthy treats to give you a boost when you need it most. They even double as great recovery snacks after sports too, so if it’s an epic session at the gym or when you’ve been up a little late the night before grab something from your Gaming Fuel Cell to kick-start your day at work/university.


Most of our snacking products include natural fruit based sugars and we can accommodate gluten free and vegan members of the Gaming and wider community. This also means our Gaming Fuel cells are great for children, they too want a sweet treat to go along with the excitement of playing their favourite game or encouragement for their homework and many battles have been fought and lost to encourage healthy options! Gaming Fuel has made sure that the children’s cell incorporates at least one of your 5 a day so guilt free snacking and playing can ensue!  


There are times where we’ve all been guilty of mindless snacking and this can make it harder to get the right nutrients throughout the day. This is where our snack boxes come in, to keep you on the ‘straight and narrow’. For those of you that want a little extra, our fuel cells come in different sizes, whether you have a hearty appetite, want it to last a longer period or even want to share it with a group or team (share it?! Never!).


So here we are to revolutionise everyday snacking! Feel free to explore the rest of the site, ask questions via the blog and get your order in to receive your snacks as soon as possible – whether it’s a treat for half term or that friday feeling order now and be warned, they are addictive! Let us know what you think by tweeting us @gamingfuel and join our ‘Fueler’ community by adding your name to our mailing list!
Have a great day and make good snacking choices! 🙂

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