Magic: Farewell Renown Beauties

Magic: Farewell Renown Beauties

When I first discovered magic I purchased a ready made renown deck of Magic Origins Green/White. I welcomed Outland Colossus into my multiverse and was itching to make the most of it’s big hitting power.

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I wish I could tell you that it all turned out really well! In actual fact my eagerness to play turned into a desire to be tricky with early game action which led to most of my renown creatures being destroyed before I’ve been able to activate their abilities. This Magic Origins pack was basically a renown deck entirely, not many to summon each creature but basically to have the correct effect you have to get a lot of them out, get them renown and then start attacking. Or that at least it what I learnt. After becoming very frustrated with my deck my partner suggested he play with it, that we swap as his deck seemed to bowl me over every time and I was neck deep in a very long losing streak. We had set a penalty for losing so the stakes were high.

Watching him play with my deck brought quite a few things home – renown has strength in numbers, they can activate their abilities when blocking and to use the instant and enchantment spells to boost them up gave them the big hitting power I was hungry for initially.

So as you can imagine, when I got my deck back and a new month had started I had a 8 match winning streak myself – what a deck when played correctly! And it was great to learn how to harmonise my spells and use them concurrently instead of consecutively.

My partner soon changed his deck entirely to combat the renown power which led me to manipulate mine into more of a flying deck, where again I gained the upper hand. So I was very sad to say goodbye to it when Kaladesh came out and made Magic Origins redundant – we both had some excellent Origins cards in our deck. After a small period of mourning you realise that actually Kaladesh is equally awesome in other ways so I suppose that is the beauty of Magic the Gathering – as a planeswalker you have to constantly adapt to which ever plane you are defending at the time!

Goodbye renown – see you in a legacy game or two..

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