Should We be Avoiding Sugar??

The sugar tax and avoid sugar message has really been gaining some lime light Gaming Fuel, Sugar, Healthyrecently and we felt like we had to shed some more light on that message! Last year a document was published about it and we’ve broken it down so we all know what we’ll be facing when it comes into force and how there might be room to upgrade your food choices and increase your performance.

The so-called sugar tax has sparked controversy across Britain, David Cameron has been forced to deny the claims of an additional tax despite the overwhelming evidence regarding the detrimental effects of high sugar intake on health. Here at Gaming Fuel we’ve broken the document down . It’s not the sugar tax that concerns us it’s the choices available to gamers that are hampering your progress and limiting your potential.

‘Sugar Reduction: Evidence for Action’ (1) reports that at present sugar makes up between 12-15% of our total energy intake with detrimental side effects – it recommends we reduce this figure to 5%. With sugar intake at current levels we are increasing our risk of related diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart attacks and strokes. Latest figures suggest that up to 25% of Adults (over 18) are obese and related complications are costing the NHS around £5.1 billion per year.

Gaming Fuel, Avoid Junk Food The biggest culpits identified by this report were soft drinks (not including fruit juices) and cereals – those go-to items when we need a pick-me-up. The supermarkets have been cleverly manipulating us for years with confectionary and drinks promotions at the checkout and a recent study has demonstrated that this type of product placement increased sales of soft drinks by 52% !

It’s not just our dietary choices that are the biggest issue here, since the 1960s food manufacturers have been making our products sweeter and sweeter and as consumers our tastes have changed to become accustomed to this – we search for the sweetest snack and rely on our daily intake of soft drinks to prevent ‘withdrawal’ from the sugar addiction the nation appears to have been consumed by. Scaremongering around saturated fats around this time led to manufacturers adding high levels of sugar, sugar replacements and additives to maintain taste; the ‘low-fat’ era of products were born and our sugar intake has increased ever since. It is no surprise that we have also seen a steady rise in obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The call to action by this report suggests that we could all be doing better to aid our diet and nutrition – and it’s only scratching the surface! Of course we’re concerned that a high sugar intake will lead to us piling on the weight as we’re sat at our computers, make our exercising/gym time more difficult and sending us to the dentist more times than we would expect in a lifetime – but what about gaming performance?

As a gamer seeking to improve his/her performance you are already aware that gaming culture is fuelled by convenient snacks and caffeinated soft drinks – for the quick hit so you can get back to the keyboard. The snack market is flooded with poor quality, high sugar options, giving an instant boost and a heavy crash which has us instantly reaching for another sugary snack – we’re trapped in a cycle of maintaining the ‘high’ to continue gaming.

Our experienced gamers here at Gaming Fuel can recall hundreds of times where they have felt their energy lagging and have reached for the nearest pack of sweets, sugary snacks or soft drinks to pep themselves up and continue progressing but we all ended up thinking the same thing – surely there must be a better way??

snack bars

Gaming Fuel has been designed to answer that call. We stock food which has been perfectly balanced to help you through your gaming missions with sustained energy release and upgraded snacking options.

Our team have done extensive research into the best range of products to maximise health and nutrition. Level up your gaming snacks!

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