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El Tornado – Explained | FIFA 18

El Tornado, in English ‘The Tornado’, describes an advanced football manoeuvre. Pronounced “El Tor-Nar-Do”, it’s recent rise in popularity is due to EA’s Fifa 18.

El Tornado is something you may start hearing a lot about over the coming weeks and months. Pronounced El Tor-Nar-Do, it’s mention will leave most of the world baffled, yet in a few quarters, some will be left grinning from ear to ear while remembering past glories.

The few in this regards is the veritable army of FIFA 18 video game fans who will be buying the much-anticipated football simulation game for PS4 and XBOX, released September 2017.

The showpiece of this year’s instalment is that worldwide superstar and arguably the best player to ever kick a football, Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo has been accurately modelled inside theĀ game to the extent that players of the new video game can pull off the same tricks and flicks that the real-life footballer does.

A few fleeting glimpses of this was first shown in a teaser trailer. Which seems to show CR7 covered head to toe in a bodysuit with sensors on it performing some sprints.

Very impressive tech and this instalment of the popular video game series is bringing something new, adding to previous animations which have been modelled in the past, such as his trademark free-kick run up.

The EL Tornado…

Chances are, you’ll be hearing this phrase often. Adding to Cristiano Ronaldo’s already huge reputation a viral style trailer showing the former Manchester United star pulling off an extremely complicated manoeuvre to score a goal dubbed the ‘El Tornado’. Not to be outshone too much, Antoine Griezmann can also be seen as capable of the high degree of complexity involved in performing an El Tornado.


This is sure to get regular players revelling in anticipation of executing the El Tornado against their rivals, winning the match in extra time by a stroke of pure class. Even children and adults up and down the country trying the move on football pitches in real life!

FIFA 18 is available the buy on Amazon Prime.

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