First Time Cooking a perfect chicken with Ninja Foodi

First Time Cooking a perfect chicken with Ninja Foodi
First Time Cooking a perfect chicken with Ninja Foodi
First Time Cooking a perfect chicken with Ninja Foodi

The Ninja Foodi Multi-cooker makes some bold claims about being able to allow a novice to TenderCrisp the perfect chicken. I decided to put it to the test.

Following the recipe from the included booklet I diligently squeezed my lemons, added my garlic and poured the resulting mixture over a 1.5kg chicken, which was placed within the included AirCrisp basket.

Raw chicken in Ninja Foodi

Setting the pressure cooking setting to High and the timer for 18 minutes I added the included pressure cooking lid and set the vent at the back to seal – this locks in all the juices and cooks the chicken using superheated steam. Though it does take a while to get up to full pressure, and while it does this you will see the device indicate that it is pressurising. You can speed this up by adding hot water into the Ninja Foodi rather than cold water.

Once complete, an audible sound indicates that the pressure cooking is done, and the Foodi automatically switches into keeping the food warm. At this point the chicken is still sealed within super hot steam so the quick release value at the back of the device must be switched to vent in order to open the Ninja Foodi.

The smells coming from the chicken are amazing, and my rough and ready “throw the ingredients all over the chicken” approach actually looks quite Gordan Ramsay… well that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

However, it still looks a little anaemic… Time to change that!

Pressure cooked Chicken in the Ninja Foodi

So now it’s time to put the Crisp into TenderCrisp – and discarding the pressure lid I gave the chicken a few quick squirts of spray-on coconut oil and set the AirCrisp to run for 10 minutes. This is the stage where the Ninja Foodi should earn its price tag and I’m expecting nothing short of a golden wonder to emerge once it’s finished crisping.

And I wasn’t disappointed – carving this was a joy, and it is effortlessly easy to make. There were even leftover chicken juices in the Ninja Foodi which would form the basis of a great stock. I normally eat chicken breasts of thighs but judging by the success of this, if I was hosting guests or cooking a Sunday roast then I know know that I can produce the perfect TenderCrisp Chicken from the Ninja Foodi.


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