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Should you pay more attention to what you eat?

Welcome Gamers one and all as we discuss the finer details of why Gaming Fuel exists and look to dispel some of the myths around the connection of food and having the energy to do what we all love to do (in this case, gaming until our eyes bleed!) *Disclaimer: Please do not attempt to game until ...

Should We be Avoiding Sugar??

The sugar tax and avoid sugar message has really been gaining some lime light recently and we felt like we had to shed some more light on that message! Last year a document was published about it and we’ve broken it down so we all know what we’ll be facing when it comes into force and how there ...

Gaming and Preventing Injury

As much as you need to move, you need to relax. That’s where gamers find the perfect balance of work and play. One thing we are seeing more in gamers, particularly with the rise of Esports, is muscular injuries related to repetitive strain. It is common for gamers to develop aches and pains in ...