Anna’s Monster Race for Special Effect

Anna’s Monster Race for Special Effect

After the brilliant enjoyment of being part of Special Effect’s Gameblast16, our team was raring for another event. Anna was the first to stick her hand up and enter a run. She is building up to complete this 5km mud and obstacle run on the 16th April in Oxfordshire – we all tried to get her to run a ‘standard’ 10km like Monster and Wolf runs but she couldn’t be persuaded! – We’ll let her off as she only starting running 3 weeks ago! 

Here’s her description of how it went:

And so training began…Gaming Fuel , Special Effect, Charity, Monster Race, Run

Right – shorts, t-shirt, socks and trainers! We are ready to run. Biggest hurdle – getting out the front door!

Forming any habit is hard, so with baby steps just getting out the front door with my trainers on is the place to start. Whether I head out to walk around the block or run my 5km, I can overcome the 101 excuses I can make to not go out simply by making it a habit. I am not a natural runner, I prefer to throw myself around a squash court, do a pump glass or go for a swim. But here we go..

My running style is a bit quirky, but I can keep going and even in a week I see the progression in my breathing and improved stamina (no stitch halfway!).

Let hope I keep this progress up!

(and very little training happened after this until..)

Race Day..

Gaming Fuel, Special Effect, Monster Race, Charity

Gaming Fuel, Monster Race, Snacks, Charity, Special Effect

Starting to feel like I didn’t spend enough time training! Looking at the map there is 24 obstacles through the 5km and some of them look pretty challenging! Had a good drive down and parking was easy, all signed up, got my Special Effect T-shirt and the snow has all melted thank goodness!

Luckily I have some tasty snacks to get some fuel on board before we start.


Great warm up and a brilliant atmosphere from all the Special Effects team – what a great way to run a course, 100+ people for Special Effect all in it together!


It starts slowly, luckily just to get into it and adjust to all the mud. I can’t say I really believed the amount of mud and sliding around I was told I would encounter but I sure got covered in head to toe!



The Rope Wall – the way up feels hard but getting over the top and realising you have to lower yourself down – who has that upper body strength – rope burns galore!

Log Run – I made it! And then to dive into an ice pool to duck under some logs – so cold it will take your breath away.

Meat Grinder – never has something looked straight forward and been so difficult – you’re covered in mud, your arms no longer have feeling or strength and you have to commando crawl between rolls of tyres – the last obstacle after a steep hill and when you’re through it’s all finishing line – what a great buzz!

So plenty of mud, and plenty of snacks to refuel afterwards – that and the challenge of taking off muddy gear when you can’t feel your fingers. But the success for myself and for Special Effect is a brilliant feeling and I may just have spent the journey home looking for my next Special Effect Challenge!


Gaming Fuel, Special Effect, Monster Race

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Anna 🙂


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