Aether Ready! Kaladesh Magic

Aether Ready! Kaladesh Magic

Time for my two pennies about the planeswalker Kaladesh Decks!

Now I am fairly new to Magic: The Gathering and I can already say that I am slightly addicted and I play it at present with an almost daily frequency. I just that I get lost in the role of a planeswalker and now that I have a planeswalker in my library the two of us will definitely take over the multiverse.

Gaming Fuel, Kaladesh, Magic the GatheringI recently had one of those days where people give you things for orbiting around the earth again successfully. I think most people call them birthdays 🙂 I was lucky enough to be gifted with a brand spanking new Kaladesh Planeswalker deck – NISSA was my new companion. To my absolute delight I opened the deck to find that it was actually a green/blue deck which is awesome as I seem to slowly be migrating to a blue/white deck after my flying/renowns went out with Magic Origins (shed a tear for me..)

So I now have a pretty great combo deck, cheeky and responsive enough to hold my ground, bringing in the hard hitters when I needed too. Another thing that this new deck has given me is energy, lots and lots of energy, to use as I please. Whether it’s to boost players, scry cards, create landfall or return all creatures back to whence they came – I activate all these extra abilities just by hoarding my energy.  I’m a big fan of throwing now instants to counter and exile too so it seems like this new mechanism really helps me to take control of the battlefield.

The other mechanism that seems to be present in a big way in Kaladesh is artifacts and artifact creates – maybe it’s because I’m still a noob or whether I just haven’t seen the cards but my collection has been massively boosted by some quite impressive low mana artifact creatures. Using them to the advantage of the new mechanic of crewing a vehicle seems to be a match made in heaven and the fact that they are colourless means they have relevance and power in any deck.

Now the real jewel in the crown of this deck is of course the planeswalker, Nissa. She is a serious boss. Her activated abilities are about life giving, card giving and power giving. When she’s fully boosted she gives each creatures you control a +5/+5 boost with trample. That there is a game changer and if you can overcome an opponent who’s sole mission is to tear her down you really can end a game by activating this ability just once.

I’ve got to be fair on this and say that I rate Chandra just as highly. Two badass women kicking ass is fine by me. As per usual Chandra Chandra does the damage and that red deck really can be used for some aggressive attacking.

Having the planeswalkers on the battlefield adds an extra dimension to the attacking phase of play and I enjoy having an extra character at my side defending the evils of the multiverse!

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